How Wet Wipes Destroy Pipes

The Dangers of So-Called ‘Flushable’ Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are popular for many commendable reasons, they offer a thorough clean beyond tissue paper, they smell great and finally they are ‘flushable’. But are they really? Well, if you pop a wet wipe into your toilet and hit the flush, on most circumstances you will see the wet wipe whirl away and you will believe that no harms been done, right? Wrong. Although the wet wipe may have flushed away beyond eyesight, it does not necessarily mean that it will not get lodged further down the line and cause serious effects to pipework and the planet. Here we take a closer look.

Wet wipes are dangerous not only for the municipalities’ sewer lines but also to private lines. For instance, your home sewage line can easily get blocked by wet wipe build up, which will ultimately be at the expense of you, the homeowner! So called ‘flushable’ wet wipes are often not biodegradable and can not only clog up pipelines within the local community but also damage sewage machinery, a cost nobody wants to be accountable for.

You may be wondering then, why are they labeled as ‘flushable’ if they really aren’t? A very good question by any means. The answer is simple, these companies are not restricted from doing so. As we mentioned, just because something is flushed beyond the toilet reservoir doesn’t necessarily mean that will transition through the sewage system unscathed. Companies are not required to prove flushability and if forced to, many would fail. Furthermore, this is backed by a study conducted in Canada, for which 101 wipes were tested and 0 passed.

The problem is evident, the solution is clear. To be able to move away from blocked sewage lines, we as people will need to hold ourselves accountable for what we choose to flush down the toilet. There are many companies emerging that have proven flushability and offer products that rival the conventional wet wipe but ditch the limitations. One of which is Poof!, an up-and-coming brand that has created an innovative spray which turns safe conventional toilet paper into a moist and refreshing wet wipe. If you value your safety, health and financial security, think twice before you pick up a wet wipe the next time you’re in the bathroom aisle.