You Wouldn’t Want to Fall Between these Cracks

Anton C.

Why most people have dirty backsides

Let’s talk sanitation. More specifically do-do, poop, number two’s, you know… human waste, the brown type. It’s a topic that’s often overlooked and let’s face it, under-cleaned. Over the years, mankind has evolved and developed to modern surroundings. The stone is age is quite clearly a thing of the past, yet somehow someway, our sanitation procedures is just one tissue away.  

The truth is toilet paper alone does not do the job. Research suggests that the majority of modern Americans are still going about their daily lives with dirty cracks. Having answered natures call, it’s a social normality to solely use toilet paper. Which is strange, because subconsciously we all know that the job can’t possibly be fulfilled. I mean let’s be real, you wouldn’t use just toilet paper to clean the dishes in the sink. Then why in hell do we just use toilet paper to clean our anuses? All we are doing is moving poop from one area to another - moving, not cleaning!

Here in the western world, we are custom to the conventional seated toilet. However, after some reels of toilet paper, our number two experience stops there. Other places around the world have already identified the issues with this and have grown custom to new techniques which keeps your backside clean from any poop residue. Bidets in particularly have become a social norm and provide a refreshing sense of cleanliness. Although some bidets can be found in the US, it is far from common. For one reason or another, it hasn’t quite caught on.

With doubts surrounding the cleanliness of pooping, there has been a new concept which seems to be taking the world by storm. With wet wipes currently being used as the best go-to for post-wipe cleanliness, the emergence of Poof! sprays has enabled us to get the full wet wipe experience without the limitations of conventional wet wipes. Poof! allows you to turn your toilet paper into wet wipes with just a few sprays – flushable, fragranced and cost effective, the Poof! spray is set to revolutionise our toilet experience.