Clean with Confidence

Turn your toilet paper
into a refreshing wet wipe.


Fellas, I hope y’all ain’t just dry wiping!

Antoine Dickens-Rouse

I regularly use a bidet at home but purchased your product for travel or just when I'm away from home. So far, I love it and am happy that I can eliminate my use of individual flushable wipe packets.

Scott Leapman

This is the perfect solution to the flushable wipes problem. It’s simple, environmentally friendly and refreshing way to go about your day!

Kristopher Cozy

Best new product and I got hooked. More sustainable than wet wipes. It’s all natural and safe for the environment.

Agustin C.

Best Personal Hygiene

Like all great businesses, Poof! was born as a solution to a problem. We identified that as modern men, we do not cut corners when it comes to cleaning or personal hygiene. We are no longer in the stone age, nor are we cavemen. We take pride in our appearance and cleanliness. The discovery of Poof! has allowed us to clean with confidence and eradicate odors having undergone natures call.

Poof! is for the modern man, who values personal hygiene and isn’t afraid to wear white underpants! Our vision is clean and simple, we want to elevate bathroom cleanliness one product at a time. Unique in our own, we hold a high-end mentality as we dedicate ourselves to delivering the finest of male sanitary goods.

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